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Golf Buggies Stolen

We are really sad at the Trust because on Saturday, two young men, aged around 20, posing as customers, hired out two of our golf buggies and then stole them.

The Trust had recently taken out a lease on two buggies because its old buggies had become very unreliable.  The use of a buggy is esssential to a whole group of our golf customers who are elderly and can no longer walk the whole course.  We charge a hire fee for the buggies to cover their costs, but they are not a profit making activity. 

They were taken off the course on Saturday at around 5pm and a helpful resident called us to tell us our buggies were being driven down Abbey Crescent.  The police have been informed, but we think perhaps they will be abandoned somewhere when they run out of charge.  The buggies are single seater and are pale/mid green.  If you see them anywhere, please get in touch. We’d be really grateful for any information.   Thank you.

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