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Upcoming Events
  • June 18, 2018 – Volunteer Monday 1:30 pm
  • June 19, 2018 – Board Meeting 7:00 pm
  • June 24, 2018 – Volunteer Sunday 10:30 am
  • June 26, 2018 – Resources Subgroup 6:30 pm
  • July 2, 2018 – Volunteer Monday 1:30 pm
  • July 8, 2018 – Volunteer Sunday 10:30 am

December Update and Christmas Opening Hours

Santa was our last event of the year, and despite the rain he arrived in the Woods on time and the children followed his sleigh along the carriage drive to his magical grotto in the Pavilion, where he gave out presents and had his photo taken.  He had also been in his grotto on Saturday and was there all afternoon giving presents to children who had booked in advance.  Organising an event such as this involves a lot of work.  Thanks to the 38 volunteers and 3 members of staff who helped with the Santa weekend – and we’d also like to thank the group of unpaid workers in the community who helped clear the car park and put up the marquees on Sunday morning.
2012 calendar of events is mostly confirmed and those of you who are members of the Trust will have received a copy of the calendar in the edition of the Leaflet that went out this month.  For others, information will be on this website and notice boards. As taster for the year some of the events are listed in the post below this one and a few more here.
The  Oral History Training Day will be held on Saturday February 25th starting at 10.30 am.  If you are a good listener and woud like to hear people’s stories directly, then perhaps you would like to train to be an interviewer?  If so, please let Viv know as soon as possible.  We think there will be a lot of demand for this so first preference will go to volunteers and members of the Trust.  If you are not a member and would be interested please also let Viv know—and you could also join the Trust at the same time!
Our third Walk for the Woods is taking place on Saturday March 17th.  This year we are encouraging groups as well as individuals to come and walk. So why don’t you ask your family, or your class at school, or your brownie group, or your Pilates or Yoga group – or any other group with which you are involved  –  to come and get some exercise and raise money for the Trust at the same time.
Are there any designers out there who would like to volunteer to help with the design of our posters that go on the notice boards?  It would be really helpful if these could be done well in advance so that when the event approaches we have the posters ready to go up.  If you are interested in helping with this please contact Viv or Kathy at the office (420 1061).
Thanks to all those of you who returned the User/Non user surveys. We had over 280 responses and these will be used when the Trustees consider plans for the future at their planning day in February. The results will be here on our website and a summary will be put on the notice boards in the New Year. Although the date for the return of the questionnaires is now past this does not stop you letting us have any thoughts/comments etc about the site and the facilities here.  It’s your park and the board and staff rely on you to tell us what you want or how you would like to see things develop.  Please keep your comments coming!
The winner of the box of chocolates was Dawn from Tividale.  Hope you enjoyed them!
Learn Golf in a Day  will be held on Friday December 30th.  Ring the shop for more details (429 2440).
Over the holiday period the golf course, the shop and the café will be closed for Christmas Day only.  Open all other days with slightly shorter hours in the afternoons.

                                   Shop         Cafe
Friday  23rd Dec        9-4pm     9-3pm
Saturday 24th Dec     8-3pm    9-2pm
Sunday 25th Dec       CLOSED CLOSED
Monday 26th Dec       9-2pm    10-2pm
Tuesday 27th Dec      9-2pm     9-2pm
Wedy 28th Dec          9-2pm     9-2pm
Thursday 29th Dec     9-2pm     9-2pm
Friday 30th Dec          9-2pm     9-2pm
Saturday 31st Dec      8-3pm     8-2pm
Sunday 1st Jan           8-3pm    10-2pm
Monday 2nd Jan         9-2pm     9-2pm
Tuesday 3rd Jan         Back to Normal

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