Warley Woods Park and Golf Course

managed by Warley Woods Community Trust


Upcoming Events

  • January 15, 2018 – Volunteer Monday 1:30 pm
  • January 16, 2018 – Board Meeting 7:00 pm
  • January 23, 2018 – Resources Subgroup 6:30 pm
  • January 27, 2018 – Bird Walk 10:00 am
  • January 28, 2018 – Volunteer Sunday 10:30 am
  • February 5, 2018 – Volunteer Monday 1:30 pm

We Need Your Bottles

The Trust is always interested in projects that improve the look of the park and contribute to its upkeep.

The Trust is making a plastic water bottle greenhouse to grow plants to sell in The Shop and at May’s Plant Sale, which will raise money to help look after the Woods. We will use recycled material as much as possible in the construction. For example, Alan Merricks, Park and Golf Course Manager, has given us paving slabs for the base. And, if you look carefully you can see one of the volunteers, John, scouring the skips of Bearwood for building materials.

Many years ago there were greenhouses in Warley Woods, near where the Wilderness now is, growing food and plants for the people who lived in the Abbey and, after World War II, they were used to grow plants for parks throughout Birmingham.

Our greenhouse will not be freestanding like the example below but it will be 8’ x 6’ and lean against a south facing wall so it is in full sun throughout the day. The heat from the wall will also provide warmth in the colder months. For safety reasons we have decided to build it in the compound where the ground staff keep their equipment.

How You Can Help

We need clear plastic 2 litre bottles, like the one below. We don’t want green bottles or any other colour. It would really help if you washed them out and removed any labels.


Then drop them into the collecting bin outside The Shop during opening hours. We will be bringing a greenhouse back to Warley Woods and doing something for recycling!

Free guided walks

Walks still on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!



Santa in the Woods update

We are very sorry, but Santa can’t come through the Woods today as it wouldn’t be safe with the combination of horses, snow and crowds.  He will still be in his grotto this afternoon for his appointments and you can queue to see him from 4pm – 6pm.  It would have been magical, but there is just too much snow.  Enjoy a walk or a sledge instead, and if you are enjoying the woods, think of leaving a donation in a donations post (play area, Upper St Mary’s and Lightwoods Hill).  We will need every extra penny’s help while the golf course is under that white blanket!  Thank you.

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