Being a runner I love a medal.  It's in my DNA.  I always feel that I’ve earned it and have great pride when I wear it. This last year has felt a bit like running a marathon hasn’t it.  We’ve all worked hard, keeping things together, not losing our minds to the uncertainty and the stress and the lack of hugs and companionship.

Do you feel like you deserve a medal for getting through this winter?  I certainly do.

 Has Warley Woods helped you?  Many people say it has.

They’ve said things like:

“It saved my life, it helped me through lockdown”

“We appreciate it more than ever before”

“So lucky to have Warley Woods on our doorstep”

If this sounds like you, then why not treat yourself to a medal and treat the Woods at the same time.  Maybe you have a friend who deserves one too?  Maybe your dog does?  We’d love the whole community to wear them with pride on their walks in the Woods.  We got through this together, even while keeping apart – let’s celebrate together and commemorate this crazy year together in style.

We’re asking a minimum donation of £10 per medal.  It’s a special custom design and made of alder wood.  The donation covers the costs of production and postage if needed and gives us a little extra to help pay towards the upkeep of Warley Woods.

So go medal mad and celebrate not going stark raving mad or lockdown crazy.

You deserve it and the Woods deserves it too. 

With love and thanks

Viv with Samuel, Lucy, Abby and Alexander, the Bears

Donate here and we'll pop your medal through your door.  After 29th March they will be available in the shop.  If you are on facebook we'd love it if you would share a picture of you with your medal - spread the word and spread the love of the Woods.  Thank you.