The Picnic in the Park is a local institution

Bands want to play at it.   People organise their holidays around it. People bring friends and family to experience a community event at its best. Stallholders fight for space as they know thousands of people will be there. We, as a community all pray for good weather.

Every year for the last 16 years it has been free to come to the Picnic in the Park and we would love to keep it that way, but it costs £3,500 each year to make it happen. We are asking our community this year to help fund those costs through this crowdfunding appeal. We know you can come for nothing and so if you are prepared to pay for your virtual entry ticket, then we would like to offer some rewards.

What will you get for helping and becoming a Picnic Star?

Reward 1: Everyone who donates will get a medal - yes a proper medal - on a ribbon. We'd like you to wear it on the day to show what a Star you are and that you are an important VIP guest as you have helped make the day happen.

Reward 2: As the event is called Picnic in the Park, we'll also enter you into a prize draw for a fabulous hamper, which could be yours to share with your friends and family on the day.

Reward 3: While we won't have a VIP tent or toilet available this year (maybe next year if this appeal works), you will be able to claim a free cuppa at the Trust refreshment stall too.

Reward 4: When we go out with the bucket collection for the Trust part way through the afternoon we will leave your group in peace, as you will have already contributed. (We think this is probably priceless)

What will your donation pay towards?

In case you are wondering why it costs £3,500 - here is our budget for 2019

PA and Tent Hire, Sound Engineer


Generator and Insurance


Public Liability Insurance


Bin hire and rubbish disposal


Toilet hire


Van hire


These are just the event basics.  The Community Trust has to raise £800 a day, every day, to fund the running costs of Warley Woods.  Your contribution, by helping fund the Picnic in the Park, will enable any funds raised on the day (Sunday 7th July) to help with this - instead of having to just be used to pay for the event costs. 

What are my choices?

Bronze Star Supporter: (£10) You get your star medal, free cuppa, entry into the hamper prize draw and a pass-by by the bucket shakers.

Silver Star Support: (£20) You get your star medal, free cuppa, 2 entries into the hamper prize draw and thumbs up from the bucket shakers

Gold Star Supporter: (£30) You get your star medal, a free cuppa and a bonus refill, 3 entries in the hamper prize draw and the biggest beaming smile from the bucket collectors.

If you are a gift aid supporter, we will be able to claim an extra 25% on your donation.

Please help!  Be a Star!

Let's show our true community metal in star medals

Let's fill the meadow at Warley Woods with hundreds of star supporters

Let's show everyone how special the Picnic in the Park is and how special our community is.

You can bring your friends for nothing - you're a VIP!

The small print: to ensure as much of the funds raised go toward the event, we will not be posting out medals in advance of the event.  They will be at the Trust Stall to collect on the day.  Then we will be able to say a proper thank you too. How will we know you are a Picnic Star?  Don't worry - you'll be on the list!