Warley Woods is used by many professional dog walkers every day to walk their canine customers.  Why not - who wouldn't want to walk in Warley Woods for work?   We hope that you enjoy your walks in Warley Woods and that your human customers appreciate that their dogs have access to an amazing space to run and play in.

Most people who "do business" in Warley Woods have to pay a fee to the Trust. It is one of the ways we fund the maintenance of our beautiful space, including things like emptying the dog bins which costs £8,000 a year.  We have been struggling in the last year to raise the funds we need to keep looking after the site and we'd like to ask those of you who use the woods regularly to help us keep going

A small regular donation from everyone who uses Warley Woods would help us enormously.  Most people like supporting charities and in this case, you are the beneficiary of the charity too - so supporting the Trust should be a double win!  With your donation we will make you a member of the Trust, so you will get our newsletter and you would have a vote at the AGM.  A triple win?

We suggest a donation of £5 a month. That's just 16p a day. But any regular donation would be appreciated.   This can be set up by direct debit, by pressing donate and then ticking the box that says "Set up a regular payment" 

Thank you for being part of our special space.