Join me on a bird-spotting walk around Warley Woods where we will try and spot some of the overwintering bird species we have here
on-site! Now is a great time to spot birds as the leaf cover leaves the tree you can get a good look at some of our harder to find species. Get your binoculars ready (if you have them) some of our species such as Great Spotted Woodpecker tend to be seen mainly high up in trees so if you do have access to a pair it is recommended you bring them along! Warley Woods is frequently home to overwintering Redwing (see photo) can we track them down during this walk?

Seeing as you are clearly interested in the bird-life of Warley Woods you may be interested in our self-guided bird-spotters map you can use this along with our Bird I.D. guide to help you get a headstart in tracking down some of the birds of Warley Woods. Using either of these guides and attending this event counts as a Wild Warley Small Act. We are hoping that Small Acts can prove that like the humble bumblebee many hands can make light work, if all of us do 'Small Acts' to improve our environment here at Warley Woods it will add up to a real difference. register your Small Acts HERE!


Please indicate which timeslot you wish to attend with your ticket selection, this event has two bookable timeslots:

  • 09:30-11:00
  • 12:00-13:30

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Autumnal Bird Spotting Walk - 09/10/2021 - 09:30-11:00

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Autumnal Bird Spotting Walk - 09/10/2021 - 12:00-13:30

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