Birmingham & The Black Country is up against 250 cities worldwide in this year’s City Nature Challenge!

City Nature Challenge is still taking place, but all group events have been cancelled. Why not join people across Birmingham & the Black Country by surveying what wildlife you can see at home in your own garden.  These records help us compete both nationally and internationally with other cities- can we win it??

Help by following government guidance by staying home and reporting sightings of wild plants, animals and fungi you can see in the comfort of your own garden.
Anyone can take part, simply submit any records of any wildlife you see (plants, animals or fungi) between 24th-27th April, you can do this in a number of ways:
  • Through the iNaturalist app: this gets automatically added to the league tables & helps you with I.D.
  • Through EcoRecord: the local wildlife recording centre (Tweet/Facebook/email).
  • Post your sighting on the Wild Warley Facebook page.
PLEASE only post approximate locations e.g. 'B67' DO NOT give away sensitive personal information on open public forums!
For more information:'