What is the City Nature Challenge?

City Nature Challenge is an annual citizen science event where members of the public try to record as many species as possible! Started in 2016 as a competition between San Francisco and Los Angeles it has grown into a global event. Cities compete to try and be the city with the most records. Cities are ranked by three criteria:

  • Number of Wildlife Records
  • Number of Species Recorded
  • Number of People taking part

Within the UK we are one of 14 cities taking part, from a global 440

It is split into two parts:

  • April 30th - May 5th: Recording as much wildlife as we can
  • May 4th - May 9th: Identifying & confirming as much as we can from all our uploads

How Do I Take Part?

Any records of wildlife spotted in Birmingham and the Black Country count towards our total and help us move up the global leaderboard. The easiest way to take part is through the INaturalist app or website. This app helps you to identify what you are looking at (if you are unsure) later on in the event people will confirm your sighting which increases its value to scientists tracking populations. It is also automatically added to the total for Birmingham & the Black Country.

This is an online event as it takes place wherever you and your phone are! We'd love for you to record a load of Warley Woods species though! 

More information can be found here: https://citynaturechallenge.org/ 

Small Acts

Wild Warley is currently running the 'Small Acts' initiative where we are trying to get as many people to conduct Small Acts to make Warley Woods a better place for people and nature, taking part in the City Nature Challenge is a loggable Small Act, which when reported to us will gain you entry into the Small Acts Prize Draw! Record your participation in this event as a Small Act HERE now!