Wildlife conservation in urban settings has its own set of issues it needs to address. Raising awareness of urban conservation can go a long way in combatting some of the issues we face. Sometimes even well-meaning individuals can inadvertently be harming their local environment. 

Come to this talk where we will look at some of the environmental issues we face right here at Warley Woods. We will learn what Wild Warley is trying to combat them and how you can help us achieve or aim to make Warley Woods 'Better for both people and wildlife'. When it comes to urban conservation all of us have our parts to play 

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • Invasive Species
  • Disturbance 
  • A Changing Climate
  • Playing our Part 
  • Q & A

If this interests you please book a ticket for this event, please note that booking is essential as spaces are limited. 

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Conservation Issues of WW - 30/08/24 - 19:00-20:15

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