As most of you know I love Warley Woods.  I am so lucky to have found this job and so proud of what we have all achieved together.  I try not to think about work when I'm not there, but it does tend to creep into my thoughts and whenever I do a new challenge, it is always my thought, I wonder if people would sponsor me for Warley Woods?  So here I am, with my next slightly bonkers idea which is to cycle to work (and back home of course) on National Cycle to Work day on 4th August.

You might think, so what, but the thing is I don't live locally and for me to cycle to work and back will be further than I have ever cycled in a day before and a lot hillier.  I've been getting a lot more confident on my bike recently as I train for triathlons and getting out of Stourport always involves some kind of hill - but not Clent, Romsley or Hagley Hills which are my options.  I've got to get up from River Severn level to Warley Woods which receives its icy winds straight from Russia.  It will be about 42 miles (35km each way) and will take me over 3 hours with a day at work in the middle.

You can be assured we will use every penny of sponsorship money wisely and invest it into taking care of Warley Woods for visitors today and future generations.  I would really appreciate your support to keep me committed to my challenge because whether it rains or the sun beats down, this is what I will be doing on 4th August, with a full Warley Woods work day in the middle.  If I have to walk up a hill, or walk to avoid the commuting cars queuing past Sandvik then I will, but I'm going to give this my best shot.

Thank you 

Viv Cole