Despite the last minute appeal from England Golf for outdoor sports like golf to continue for two people to exercise together, this will not happen and so from Thursday 5th November, yet again the Trust has to close the golf course and the Pavilion.

Any work that we can do at home we will but we will be furloughed for the rest of the time. The cafe contractor will not be opening as a takeaway and so the Pavilion and Lightwoods Hill car park will be closed until we are legally allowed to reopen. Our site maintenance staff will be visiting daily but just for a few hours to do absolutely essential work and safety checks.

We hope to have an external post box at the Pavilion for anything that needs to be dropped to us and as well as our online shop, we do hope to be able to telephone ordering service as well for things like Christmas card sales - which were delivered from the printer last week. Thank you for your support so far this year. We are confident our lovely community will continue to help us, as once again practically all the ways we raise funds to be able to maintain the site are closed to us. We hope to be back fully open as soon as we can.

Take care.

If you are able to help support the Community Trust at this time then that would help us keep Warley Woods the haven we know it has been for so many.