Following government instructions the Pavilion, golf course and car park will be closed until we are allowed to reopen.  The play area and exercise equipment should not be used, but the rest of Warley Woods remains open for visitors. Please enjoy Warley Woods responsibly. Please report any issues to me at [email protected]

Since we had to close the Pavilion and golf course it might have seemed like the Trust has disappeared, but we, and the community that supports the Trust, are still taking care of our special place.

In practical terms, I am working at home and dealing with all the organisational things that I can.  There is a lot of work running an organisation and this doesn't stop, just because we don't have a daily presence on site.  Doug Barber, our Wild Warley Project Manager is also working from home and doing what he can to plan and keep the project ticking forward.  All of our other staff, Sharon, Kathy, Alan, Russell, Daryl, Nick, Don, Sarah, Jordan, Sharon and Karen are officially furloughed.  Our staff are incredibly important to us and we are lucky to have such special people working for Warley Woods. The Trustees have committed to paying salaries in full for the time being.  It is not our staff's fault they cannot work at home.

In truth there is work for our groundstaff to do, but without the income from the golf course, shop and Pavilion income and all of our fundraising events and other activities cancelled, we cannot afford to have them on site, as without the government assistance we wouldn't last very long and we do plan to be here taking care of Warley Woods when this is all  distant memory.  So what we are doing in taking Alan from furlough every few weeks to enable him to catch up with things on site and essential maintenance work, mow the park and the golf greens and deal with health and safety issues and repairs.   He will be in the Woods on 15th and 16th April.

And in general, if want to let us know about things, please just email.  Emergency issues will be dealt with.  There is nothing stopping me from coming on site, it is just that there is little point coming into a building daily and working alone, so I am staying home and working there, avoiding unnecessary travel unless I am needed.

I hope you live close enough to the Woods to keep using it at the moment.  It is still beautiful.  The bins are still being emptied.  Volunteers are still litter picking.  People are taking this opportunity to enjoy the views from the golf course.  That is fine, but we would really ask people to respect the greens and bunkers - the quality of them are so essential to our ability to encourage golfers to play at Warley and we will need every penny of income once we reopen.  We are still planning for the rescheduled Picnic in the Park on the 13th September.  If you cannot visit Warley Woods, then do join our facebook group "Warley Woods Community Trust"  - people are posting pictures and stories daily and it helps keep your spirit up to have a virtual visit to the Woods.  

Take care and stay safe.  I hope to see you all in Warley Woods very soon.  

Trust Manager

We hope you continue to enjoy Warley Woods during these difficult times and it remains a haven for all.   If you enjoy your visits, please consider joining the Trust or making a single donation. Our income is going to significantly reduced by the ongoing situation and we would love to come through this period in a good place to continue our work caring for Warley Woods. Every donation really will enable us to keep your Woods in the style to which everyone has become accustomed!

Thank you for your understanding and support.

The staff and Trustees of Warley Woods Community Trust

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