The golf course has been open at Warley Woods since the end of May.  It has been lovely seeing so many players again.  However there are still many things that are different to how they were in the past and there are regular changes as more things become possible.  Please ensure you have read this page in full, as things  may be different to when you last played.

Pre booking is absolutely essential.  You cannot just turn up and play.  We are fully booked at most key times and you are likely to be turned away if you have not prebooked.

Bookings can be made for a week in advance only.  When you book you will need to book any playing partners in as well and you will all need to be registered with us.  Please ensure you have their name and address ready so we can find their record or register them on the phone. If they are a new registration will also ask for their date of birth, contact details and marketing preferences. Please bear in mind there will only be one member of staff on duty, so if they are serving customers there may be delays to answering calls.

Alternatively you can provide your registration information through this form and we will try to get it onto our system before you call.  

9 hole games only.  Card only payments.  We are starting to prepare for 18 holes again but this will take changes to our booking system which need to be made.

Players must social distance unless they live in the same household

Only arrive 10 minutes before booked time unless you are using other facilities.

Only person in the shop at any time. Masks should be worn.

Card payments only, contactless preferred

No touching the flag stick. There are some limited competitions.

Trolley Hire and Buggy hire are now available but there is no club hire.  

From 6th July the Pavilion will be almost fully reopened, including the toilets and the  but things still will be different.  The café has new rules.  The locker rooms are available just to collect and return clubs.  We are starting to prepare to reopen our meeting room for bookings.

Thank you for working with us.  We have to follow these rules (and many others) in order to be able to offer golf again to our customers.  Please bear with us as we all adjust and also please follow the rules yourselves, otherwise we will not be able to remain open.  Thank you.