We know that the last year has made Warley Woods even more special to its visitors. These are just a few of the very many lovely things people said when they made donations during one of the lockdowns:

"Amazing work now and always from the Trust. Warley Woods is one of the main reasons I moved to Bearwood, Smethwick four years ago. I hope my donation helps to show that your neighbours’ care and appreciate the work you do!"

"Although I no longer live in Bearwood, our family have so many happy memories of ‘going up the woods’. Others should be able to have those memories too."

"I don’t think there has ever been a single time I have been to Warley Woods and not thought how lucky we are to have this on our doorstep."

"A privilege to both support and make use of Warley Woods!"

Apologies it's not more. But at least it's regular. Thanks for all your hard work, and everything you do to look after our beautiful Woods.

Maybe you found Warley Woods for the first time recently; or perhaps reappreciated its beauty and tranquility when things were so difficult; or maybe you signed up for an event? Whether you are a newbie or a long time regular, we would appreciate your help. We are still here today thanks to the generosity of the local community. While the immediate pressure of covid lockdowns may have receded, we still need help to keep Warley Woods looking good and for it to be safe for the future. Warley Woods was many people’s lockdown lifeline, but it needs care today to be sure it is here when it is needed next.

Warley Woods is still one of very few green spaces in the UK managed by the community that uses it. Its Community Trust depends on regular donations from visitors to pay for the simple things like the bins being emptied, the grass being mown, the phone being answered. That is before we even start to deliver on the wonderful extras, for example, Santa riding through the Woods, our Halloween Walks and Picnics in the Park.

We hope the site is always peaceful when you visit, but it takes vigilance and careful management to achieve that tranquility and safety. Behind the scenes, every day, local people, like yourself, are involved in making decision and giving time, so that it looks good and always will, or even better, for future generations.

Could you play a part in this by helping with a small donation each month, so that the funds are there to pay the necessary bills and make the investments for the future? As one donor said last year:

"A small price to pay for the beautiful woods."

Could you donate a small monthly amount to help Warley Woods continue to thrive? £3 is less than the cost of a take-away coffee.   Any amount, made regularly, adds up to a whole community of support. Regular donors are automatically made members of the Community Trust as a thank you.  

Please help Warley Woods Community Trust take care of our amazing space. Why not be part of something special?