Our park furniture is out in all weathers and is subject to lots of public use and occasional vandalism. It needs constant vigilance to keep the site looking at its best and maintaining the community pride in this incredibly special place. The benches we need to replace are over 11 years old.

Benches are essential park furniture - ensuring there are places to rest and linger. They provide destinations and meeting places for groups such as young mums and dog groups and peaceful places to read or have a snack. They are particularly essential for older visitors who generally need more resting places on a longer walk and who are not able to just drop onto the grass to sit down. Benches ensure visits to the site are longer, increasing the amount of time people spend in the restful tranquillity of the park.

Benches have proved emotive touchstones for the local community who use Warley Woods. Every bench has been "adopted" as a memorial for a family member or family group to celebrate their connection to this special green space - often full of memories for many generations.

Benches may just be pieces of wood or metal (what we are using now to make benches less vulnerable to vandalism), but they help bring our community together, which is the over arching aim of the Community Trust in its management of the site.

There are 35 benches in Warley Woods.  We have been able to replace 21 so far thanks to public donations, grants from NISA and Tesco supermarkets, the Tangye Family Trust, the Postcode Lottery, The Rowlands Trust and our sales of I♥WarleyWoods mugs.  This leaves us with 14 more to find funding for before the current benches deteriorate too far and have to be removed.   We do not expect to find this money overnight, but would like to try and achieve this within the next two years.  We would like to be able to replace benches in particular areas at the same time, to keep a consistent look in the landscape. Five wooden benches are doing better than the others and will be the last to be replaced, but we would like to be able to fund the other nine this year.

Each bench costs £850 including vandalism proof fixings and concrete