Update: Completed, thank you to everyone who supported me.

Those of you who have known me for a while, might have followed my weight loss and finding fitness story when I decided to run a half marathon for the first time and raised money for Warley Woods Community Trust in the process.

For those of you who don't know me that well - here's the quick summary. Confirmed couch potato who had just reached an obese BMI, lost 4 stone and became "a runner" in the process. That was all 2018 though. Well what has happened since? In 2019, I decided I needed to find an alternative to pounding the streets and so I decided to learn to swim. I also bought myself a new bike...... can you see where this is headed?.....

I tried for a London Marathon place this year, which I would have attempted both as my own personal challenge and to raise funds for Warley Woods, but like many thousands I didn't get a place. So instead the challenge will be my first Triathlon! This means that I am looking for sponsorship to help spur me through the training. I have a coach helping me, from my club and she has programmed me to do 8 sessions a week - 3 runs, 3 bike and two swims - plus strength and conditioning sessions on top. It is tough, but I am loving the challenge.  

My event was due to be the Black Country Triathlon on 26th April 2020, but of course like many things this year it was postponed, but it looks like we are on again for the 4th October.   It is a sprint triathlon which is swimming 400m, cycling 20km and finishing off with a 5km run. My original goal was to finish and finish well, but as I have been training throughout lockdown - well cycling and running - the swimming had to wait until outdoor venues opened again - but I confident that I can do the distance - so I am going to increase my challenge to add some times in

I want to do the swim in 12 minutes or under (I am still a slow swimmer). ** Update done in 12 mins 29 seconds, still slow I'm afraid!

I want to do the cycle in 55 minutes or under  ** Update done in 44.08 even with my chain coming off

I want to do the run in under 31 minutes ** Update done in 29.22 very very pleased

I'd love your support for my challenge and for Warley Woods Community Trust. Sponsorship will really spur me on through this last push of training period and keep up my commitment to do the best I can for everyone who has faith in me.   Thank you

Viv Cole