We are looking for a person who will be able to lead our Wild Warley project.  Warley Woods is 100 acre urban park, but don't think just swings and picnics - think mature woodland, open parkland - a piece of the countryside in an urban area. Warley Woods is currently managed very much with humans in mind and we want to make sure it is managed and developed for wildlife too - making it a richer landscape for both wildlife and humans.  Humans are an important part of the project, as they will be learning about the wild side of Warley Woods and how to take care of it.

We are currently undertaking ecological surveys with the Wildlife Trust and once we know what we have, we want a person who will be able to take on board this information and help us with our plans to start making physical improvements, planning training events and engagement activities - delivering some of those personally, but also bringing in other experts to help.  There is plenty of scope to be practical and hands on and to be creative.  You will be both planning and delivering the detail of this project.

We are looking for someone who is knowledgeable about ecology in general and who may have a particular specialism too.  You will need to be a people person - as this project is almost as much about humans and as it is about wildlife.  We also needs someone who understands what it is like to work for a small charity.

Warley Woods is an amazing place to work.  It has been voted one of the UK's favourite parks five times and has had Green Flag Award for 11 years.  The Community Trust may be small, but it prides itself on being a good employer and taking care of its staff.  We have hundreds of volunteers and hundreds of potential ones waiting to be involved. While much of the success of the project will rest with you - you won't be working alone!

 This project is like no other and has the potential to make a significant impact both during the project's life, but more importantly for the future. Would you like to help us achieve lasting change?

To find out more there is:

  • Closing date for applications is 21st October 2019
  • Interviews during early November.
  • We hope the new member of staff will be able to start work with us in early January 2020.

Many thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund.  This post and almost the entire project are being funded thanks to the players of the National Lottery.