You can adopt a tree for yourself or as a gift.  All of your adoption donation will help Warley Woods Community Trust take care of Warley Woods and ensure its long term future survival.  The funds will be used for tree planting, tree inspection and treeworks.  Adoption lasts 1 year and costs £25.

Many of the mature trees have silver tree tag showing their number.  If you have a specific tree in mind have a look for the tag and tell us its number (or use what/three/words as a locator) or browse our tree map document.

As you make your donation there is a box where you can add any comments or instructions about your chosen tree, your message for the certificate/website or respond to the auto email you will receive with details if you want to keep them private.

Staff at the Pavilion can help with making arrangements for adoptions and helping you decide on a tree, but they are not always able to print certificates immediately if the shop is busy and so an online arrangement can be more efficient.

As a thank you, you will receive a certificate which acknowledges your adoption and a wooden key ring gift.  Your adoption will be shown here on our tree map with your message.