Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are made up of members of the community surrounding Warley Woods. They are volunteers and are voted in by members of Warley Woods Community Trust.

Do you want to be a Trustee ?

We have a number of Trustees who have been with us from the start, along with people who have become involved more recently. We always need new people to join us, with new ideas and strengths.  The Trust really benefits from having a range of local residents involved in its management.

Being a Trustee with Warley Woods Community Trust requires more time than just one meeting each month. We have very few staff and so Trustees are often key volunteers giving time outside meeting times depending on your time, skills and experience.

We have our Board Meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, in the evening, but Trustees are usually involved in another committee or project group and will perhaps have a second meeting each month. These are usually evenings or can be planned to work round your commitments.  Trustees often help at big events too.

The amount of time you put in is largely up to the individual but it will be around 5 hours a month and can be a lot more if you are willing and able. We appreciate whatever you can give.

As a charity trustee of a limited company you have the responsibility of ensuring the business is run effectively and developing the strategy for WWCT and reviewing its performance against the aims and objectives.

If you are interested in finding out more about the role of a Trustee at Warley Woods, please contact Viv Cole, the Trust Manager, and she can arrange for you to meet with one of the existing Trustees so that you can get more idea of what is involved and whether it would be right for you.  We encourage people who are interested to come and observe a Board meeting so that they have a better idea as to how the Trust is run.