Warley Woods has won a Green Flag Award every year since 2008.  We are exceptionally proud of this award because it is the benchmark standard for the management of green spaces world-wide.  When the Trust began managing Warley Woods, it needed help knowing what it should focus on and the Green Flag Award provided that focus.

Every two years the site has a full judging when it is visited by two parks professionals who have trained as judges.  During the year in between full judgings, the site is "mystery shopped" and that can be on any day of the year.

Visiting judges score the site on 27 criteria - based on what they see on the day and what they learn from the site's Management Plan.

  • A Welcoming Place
  • Good and Safe Access
  • Signage
  • Equal Access to All
  • Appropriate Provision of quality facilities and activities
  • Safe Equipment and Facilities
  • Personal Security
  • Control of dogs/dog fouling
  • Litter and waste management
  • Horticultural Maintenance
  • Arboricultural Maintenance
  • Building and Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Managing Environmental Impact
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Chemical Use
  • Peat Use
  • Climate Change Adaption Strategies
  • Management of Natural Features; Wild Fauna and Flora
  • Conservation of Landscape Features
  • Conservation of Buildings and Structures
  • Community involvement in Management and Development
  • Appropriate Provision for Community
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Appropriate Information Channels
  • Appropriate Educational Interpretational Information
  • Implementation of Management Plan

If you would like to read more about Green Flag Award please visit their website.

If you would like to see the presentation Warley Woods shows the judges to help them score the site.  Click here

If you would like to see the management plan the judges receive.  Click here.