This photo is from around1916 and shows Warley Woods carpeted with bluebells. You would be hard-pressed to see a scene like this anywhere within our woodlands today which is a substantial loss to both people and wildlife. 

The Buy a Bluebell campaign hopes to reverse the worrying trend of woodland ground flora loss across Warley Woods and we need your help.

We want to leave an improved woodland for future generations to enjoy.  We will be planting new woodland flora, and this year particularly Bluebell bulbs, in areas that volunteeers have prepared.  We are aiming to buy and plant 1,000 Bluebells in 2024.

Could you help us with a donation towards the cost of woodland plants?  Every donation will go to improving our woodland and we would let you know when we were planting, so you could be involved in that work (If you wanted to be.  It isn't compulsary!) 

You can read more about the thinking behind this campaign and our long term aims on this page written by Doug Barber.

In 2024 thanks to your kindness we managed to plant 3000 English Bluebells