Yes you can.  We know that Warley Woods is a special place for many people and we understand that people would like to do that and have a place that they can come back to visit with that memory.  We would ask that you talk to us about this before you do so.  There are places where ashes should not be scattered.  There are also spaces, like on the golf course, where we would need to make special arrangements with you.

You should not dig holes to bury ashes.  You should also be careful when scattering that you avoid any newly planted trees.  These have often been planted in memory of someone and we have had the situation where a family has come back to their tree and found someone else's ashes added to the tree and a flower attached to the stem.  They found it very upsetting and we would like to avoid that kind of situation in future.

We do not officially allow the leaving of tributes such as flowers, or decorations on benches or trees.  We do have people do this and we will generally not remove them until they become unsightly.  But we do prefer the park and woodland to be as natural as possible - it is not a cemetery.  In particular benches have been provided for people to sit on and while many of our benches have "in memory" type plaques on them, they should remain places that everyone feels that they can sit on without intruding.