Thank you for caring about Warley Woods and for wanting to help keep it a safe and pleasant place for everyone to visit.  We appreciate the support of our visitors in achieving that.  

If someone is in danger, a crime is in progress, or someone needs an ambulance or there is a significant fire, then please call 999.  If it is during our building opening hours then please also call us 0121 429 2440.  We will come out to help if we can, or contact a Trustee or volunteer if we cannot leave the building.  We have a defibrillator in the shop which anyone, even untrained, can use which can prolong life until the emergency services arrive..

If the activity is not a physical emergency but is illegal and antisocial and needs law enforcement please call the police on 101.  We also appreciate knowing about this and will help if we can, but Trust staff and volunteers do not have any more legal powers than any other member of the public and we will only be able to talk to the individual.

If you see something physically wrong, like flytipping, vandalism, something broken please call in at the Pavilion or telephone us.  0121 429 2440. If the Pavilion is closed for the day, there is an answerphone on that line and so we will know about the problem first thing the next morning and shop staff will be able to liaise with groundstaff to get it resolved.  We would prefer that you do not use facebook, facebook messenger, or email to report issues like this, as there is no guarantee of facebook being monitored, as our Administrators are volunteers and you might send the email to an address which is not monitored over the weekend.  As our shop has staff in it seven days a week and long summer hours, it really is the best way to get a message to us, so we can deal with the issue promptly.

If you want to report a particular issue with a problem dog/owner, then we have a special form for this.  We do not have any byelaws or enforcement powers relating to dogs, as these are covered by primary legislation.  We do keep records of incidents and will go through the legal channels open to us, if we identify a particular dog/owner causing significant nuisance.  The form can be accessed here.