In August 2020, the Trust completed a renewal of all of the benches in the parkland.  While this was a great relief to the Trust, it does mean there will be little prospect of new bench adoptions or co-adoptions in the foreseeable future - unless a bench is damaged and needs to be replaced, which obviously we hope does not happen. 

We have left this webpage live as it is a question we are often asked about and so it explains how we manage this aspect of our landscape.  We know that this will be disappointing to families who are looking for a special place in the Woods, but it is how we have found we need to manage things at the moment.  We get about ten requests a year for benches and so in ten years this would mean an additional 100 benches in Warley Woods, more than doubling the current number we have and this is not something that would be wanted or needed in the landscape. 

We do usually do a number of celebratory tree plantings in February each year, if this alternative is of interest.