Roughly every six years, experts from different nature and conservation organisations get together to update the UK Birds of Conservation Concern (BoCC) report. Each type of bird is assessed and put on the Green List (populations that are stable), Amber List or Red List depending on the level of concern.

We currently (2022) have 21 species using Warley Woods with conservation concern listings: Nine on the Red List and twelve on the Amber List.

The Red List 

Red Listed species populations have suffered severe declines (50%+) in population or breeding range. These birds are priority species when it comes to bird conservation.

The Amber List

Amber Listed species are ones of moderate concern, species on this list have either suffered from declines (25-50%) to their population or range meaning they are vulnerable and need extra monitoring and consideration

If you would like a more in-depth the birds we have on-site you can see the results of our annual Breeding Bird Surveys (BBS).