Morning Warley! It's your old Pavilion here, thought I’d let you into my life for a day. I’m not quite as grand as my namesake in Brighton but believe me, I’m just as full of life.  Some people remember me being brought to life here.  I arrived on the back of a truck and they said my residence would only be "temporary" but I've outlasted many of them.  In fact, if you don't mind me saying, I think I look better now than I did then.

It’s 6.15 and the suns coming up, lucky me to have the dawn chorus as my alarm clock. Song Thrushes, Wood Pigeons and Coal Tits are singing away in the trees and I can just about hear the first gentle rumble of traffic from the Hagley Road crush hour (glad I don’t have to travel far to work šŸ˜‰)

Here we go, the gates on Lightwoods Hill are opening and I can hear Sharon's car coming down the drive. 7.30am, alarms off, shutters up and we’ll be open soon.

8am and the first golfers have arrived, nice jumpers and don’t forget to buy your tees! You know I was built for golf; it’s in my timber you might say. Some people still call me the Golf Hut, cheeky buggers, name's ‘The Pavilion’. I’ve welcomed hundreds of thousands of golfers over the years, been hosting some of them since they we’re nippers, great to see 'em keep coming back.

10am and there’s a community meeting in Padgham Room. The room was named after famous golfer Alf Padgham, lovely chap as I remember, I was much younger when he came here of course. You know they hire that part of me out, not bad for £12 hour. From kids’ birthday parties to Tai Chi, I’m a versatile old space.

11am A group of volunteers have arrived after a tidy up of the Rose Garden, just in time to shelter from a rather heavy rain shower. You know, I’m always glad to see them, volunteers do so much to keep the woods in good shape and help keep that Green Flag flying (I’m proud of that you know, suits me!).

12pm Dinner time in the Café, sometimes feels like the whole of Smethwick is in there for a bacon butty and cuppa.

1pm YAWN. I’d love an afternoon nap about now, but no rest for the wicked. There’s a rush on in the Trust shop, a group of golfers just arrived and a couple looking for a Warley Woods souvenir to take back to Shrewsbury. It’s all go but the shop staff always have a friendly smile.

2pm Just catching a breath, watching Mr Smith and Bouncer break their afternoon stroll at the picnic tables, been walking here every day since he was a puppy, lovely dog.

3.30pm and its time for some ice cream, Yumm. Nothing like the sound of happy families in the Trust Shop on the after school walk home, and who said the kids of today are badly behaved, wrappers straight in the bin.

4pm The Warley Woods Community Trust staff are busy beavers today, they are having a planning meeting in the Trust office about the community events programme. There’s so much being planned, I’m exhausted just earwigging.

7pm Hang on, the Warley Pacers are here, lovely bunch, meet here in my car park every Tuesday. If only I had legs…

8pm Now I don’t like to brag, but I will, I have one of the best views in Warley! Every evening I get the most glorious sunsets as I look up the hill to the water tower and those sloping greens to the first hole, never tire of it. Although to be honest, it’s not like I could move if I did.

Gosh, I’m getting too old for these late nights. Last activity today is a Trustee meeting in the Padgham Room. Did you know that they recently stuck a bust of Humphry Repton in there, he was before my time, but I wouldn’t be here without him.

9pm Well that’s nearly my day done. One of the Trustees is just locking me up for the night. Beep, beep, beep….and relax. Soon it will be just me and the trees, foxes, hedgehogs plus the odd pipistrelle bat. Peaceful.

Hmmm, mind you nothing makes an old building grumpier than grey squirrels having an impromptu disco on its roof, not tonight please!

What was that? Not bad for a 72-year-old I hear you say.

Night and don’t be a stranger now…

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