We do plant special new trees which could be adopted, or planted in memory, but this only happens once a year in the winter time.  We have a waiting list of people who are interested in this and contact them when we have a planting plan for the year ahead.

We start from the point of what Warley Woods needs and what budget we have to buy in trees and then we contact the people next on the list (often around December) to see if what we are planting and where is of interest to them.  If it is we ask a minimum of £250 per adoption - which is currently around half the cost of each tree we buy.  Then when we have the planting day (always a weekday as we need staff help with equipment for such substantial trees and usually in February) we invite families to be involved with the planting if they wish to.  If someone wants to include ashes or something sentimental in the planting hole then we will work with the family on this and make the moment special.

If you want to be included on our waiting list please let us know.  It doesn't oblige you to take up the offer, when we call you, as you may have decided to do something different while you are waiting.  Please be aware though that this may be a while in the future.  

Please be aware we don't put plaques on or near trees.  The only record of adoptions is in our own records and on our website tree map.