We love people to use Warley Woods for all kinds of celebrations and for a normal family outing or picnic then no special permission is needed. We like it that people feel the Woods is an extension of their own gardens.  But you need to keep to the normal park rules - such as no BBQs, taking care of rubbish, being considerate to other park visitors and not erecting tents etc.  Please see our byelaws if you are unsure what is or isn't allowed.  

Large scale parties though are not allowed without permission.  Also be aware that sometimes things that start small scale end up being larger, and on some occasions stray into commercial operation where other rules start to apply (and charges).  If you are starting to invite people you don't know to join you at your activity - through promotion on facebook for example, then you start to have a duty of care for those people and the activity becomes more of an event.  If you are starting to provide games or activities, again it may be best to talk this through with us first.

If in doubt, please ask.  We have staff on site 7 days a week and are always happy to clarify anything.  You can make an enquiry through this online form too.