Well it used to. Just 12 years ago.... The driveway looked like this. A narrow gravel path that needed walking boots to get across the ruts. Fallen trees. And now it looks like this. And Entrances used to look like this And now they look like this. Thanks to the Trust and a Heritage Lottery Grant We don’t even have a picture of what the play area looked like, as it wasn’t there. It is thanks to the Trust and a Big Lottery grant. Just 11 years ago, the toilets in the Pavilion looked like this. No disabled accessible toilet and no baby change. Now they look like this. Thanks to the Trust Just 10 years ago the fountain looked like this And now looks like this. Thanks to the Trust and grants from Landfill tax grant givers and public donations. Just 8 years ago Wilderness looked like this. Now it looks like this. Thanks to the Trust and a Community Spaces grant. Over and over again What has made the difference? Warley Woods Community has raised millions of pounds to improve the site. But to maintain them and build on this – we need your help. No-one wants things to go back to this. Warley Woods has always been beautiful. Repton gave us the basic bone structure of landscape that would stand the test of time. All the Trust tries to do is to enhance it. We may not be world famous landscape architects but we are proud of what we have achieved in our little corner of the world. Newer visitors may think that Warley Woods has always looked as good as it does today, even long term residents might have started to forget. How lucky are we to have Warley Woods ? It is not a beautiful space by accident, it takes hard graft. People say they are lucky to have Warley Woods, but it isn't kept so lovely by luck. It can’t be sustained just by tombolas, plant sales and individuals picking up litter - while they play an important part. The Trust has to raise £800 a day, every single day, to pay for the management and maintenance of Warley Woods. Could you help us met that target today with a donation? We promise we will spent it wisely - keeping Warley Woods up to the standards everyone has come to expect. We think we have asked politely hoping people will make the connections and decide to support the Trust, but I think now is the time to ask clearly and frankly. If you want Warley Woods to survive and thrive and to be maintained for you and future generations, then if you can, please start helping financially today. Please support Warley Woods and its Trust with £5 a month. That is just 17p day and together the lovely community around Warley Woods will make it a space they can continue to be proud of. Thank you for reading and thank you in anticipation of your support.