We are really pleased that we are finally able to afford to be able to get what we call "the back drive" resurfaced.  This is the path from Harborne Road (opposite Grove Road) towards the fountain junction.  This has needed doing for many years.  Even back when we were delivering the Heritage Lottery Project back in 2017 it needed work, but the lottery wouldn't contribute towards it as it went across the golf course!  We've been watching it deteriorate and it has even been remarked on by Green Flag Judges, but it was a bit beyond our budget confidence.  However we have been fortunate to received two legacies in the last year and as we promised to spend legacies on improving the fabric of Warley Woods, this seems a perfect match.

Tarmac work is really expensive and is not something that many grant funders are interested in supporting and it will be great to get this work done to last at least the next 20 years.  We are using a company whose work we have seen and whose costs are reasonable.  We had a quote for twice their amount which we could never have afforded.

This does mean that the driveway will be out of bounds for walkers while the work is going on and we would not recommend using it out of working hours, because there will be likely trip hazards until it is done.  We recommend using the perimeter path instead.  There will be access for golfers to cross the works safety from one side to another.

Thank you for bearing with us during this work.  We are allowing for two weeks, but think it will be done well within this time frame.

Thank you to the kindness of Warley Woods supporters who have made this investment work possible.  We rely on the kindness and generosity of supporters so much.

If you would like to donate towards this work, or any of our maintenance work at Warley Woods, we'd be very grateful.  

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