One of the most amazing things about Warley Woods is how what we do is supported by the local community.   Most people are aware of the huge numbers of volunteers we have and they are regularly thanked on facebook, but behind the scenes there are an incredible group of hero supporters – relatively small, but so incredibly important to the survival of the Community Trust. Right now, as we are dealing with the issues of coronavirus, these supporters are our absolute lifeline.

Here are some numbers for you.

  • Last year the Community Trust was given £42,425 in donations from individuals. Thanks to gift aid, we were able to claim an additional £10,318 of their tax back.
  • Of that £42,425, £16,870 came from community members who gave small donations every month. That is a massive contribution. The smallest monthly donation was 67p and the largest £30. The £30 is certainly generous, but most are not that large, and it really shows how lots of small donations from a good number of people really can make a difference.

That’s the good news, but here is the slightly sad news. How many monthly donors do we have? We have 184. That’s really good for a small charity, but compared to the number of people who use Warley Woods every month it seems really tiny. But it does show us the potential – what if we could double that number?  If we could convince some more local residents that what the Trust does in Warley Woods warrants their support? That their small monthly donation will really make a difference?

Just to compare with another charity: WWF (I can use them as an example, as I used to work for them), asks £3-£10 a month to adopt a penguin. As an adopter you never see that penguin – that penguin will never thank you and you won’t ever get to see the difference that your donation has made, but if you support Warley Woods – what you actually get in return is “Warley Woods” – you get to see it beautiful and well cared for. You get to photograph it, to see its birds, enjoy its tranquillity. All our visitors actually are our charity beneficiaries – you have the opportunity to help them and yourself at the same time.  The pictures on this page have all come from people visiting Warley Woods in the last week.  Thank you Alex, Scott and Ingrid. 

At this particular time, we having to fall back absolutely on our reserves – thank goodness we have them – hard saved from good years on the golf course and from donations and grants. In April 2020 alone, we will use £5,000 of our reserves, even with the support from the government and with only basic outgoings but the bins are still being emptied, our staff must be paid, the Pavilion has running costs, even though it is closed. We have to pay insurance, and bookkeepers and other basic organisational costs. As we go into May, we will need to use another £5,000 – and this may be our summer – when usually the golf course would be at its busiest, our ice cream sales highest and all of events in full swing. We will not be able to make up shortfalls in the autumn.

So while I have taken it to a gloomy place, please understand you can make a difference. If you are not already a supporter, then £2 a month will make a difference. If you are a Trust Member already, but just donate your membership amount, another £2 a month will make a difference and of course £5 a month would make even more of a difference.

If you love Warley Woods. If you are lucky to be enjoying Warley Woods at the moment. If you are looking forward to coming back to visit it when we are allowed to move about, then please help us to ensure that the Trust will be around to take care of it. Don’t leave that responsibility to others. Our survival is not guaranteed. These are unprecedented times. I warned 18 months ago, that we exist on a financial knife edge each year – and this year – is a year unlike any other. Please help and be a Warley Woods Hero.  Don't let the Trust be a casualty of this crisis. 

Thank you, Viv x

Trust Manager, April 2020

I know some people find online systems a faff. I promise our direct debit set up system is really simple. Just follow the relevant link below and you will just have to input your name, address and bank details and your donation will be set up. I just may email you to check your gift aid status.

If you are not able to set up a direct debit at the moment, we do understand these are uncertain times, then please do consider a single donation. There is a link for this at the bottom – this will take you to our website, rather than to our direct debit manager.

Thank you for any help you can give.  We are really depending on you right now.   

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