You may have noticed a few changes happening in The Wilderness recently.

We have installed a new gate at the bottom of the steps to help enclose The Wilderness as one compartment. The Wilderness is

probably the most diverse part of Warley Woods (not bad for an old spoil heap), rich in flowering plants (many not found elsewhere on site), insects and home to the only source of water on site! Wouldn't it be great if we could make this space even better by having a well-developed pond teeming with life? That is one of the major tasks Wild Warley was tasked with achieving, but in truth, we need your help. To find out more about what we are trying to achieve by clicking here!

Here's the rub, the pond is especially vulnerable as constant churning by dogs keeps suspended sediment in the water and uproots plants spoiling the pond for wildlife which needs a peaceful place to call home we need your help to make this a success! It is for these reasons we are now asking dog owners to keep their dogs on lead whilst walking through this area as it is sensitive to their disturbance.
We are dedicating this portion of the woods to nature, thank you for helping us to protect this unique corner of our Warley Woods.