Mary Bodfish is a favourite local historian and so when we heard she was publishing a new book we were very excited to read about her new discoveries.  We got even more excited when we found out that she was including a large amount about Warley Abbey in her book.  Then to top it off, she told us that she wanted to donate the book to the Community Trust and two other local charities to help us raise funds.

It is always so heartwarming when someone chooses your charity for something special - but knowing how fantastic her research and writing is makes is even more fabulous.  We hope people will buy her book from us and learn to love Warley Woods in an even deeper way.

The book is available at The Shop at the Pavilion (open 8-7 weekdays and 7-6 weekends) or through this website.  The price is £9.95 with 100% of the sale price coming to Warley Woods Community Trust if bought from us.

Lost Landmarks of Smethwick

Smethwick is famous for its industries, but its history reaches back to the Domesday Book of 1086.  Over the centuries many objects and buildings, once landmarks in the district, have disappeared from the townscape.  Although utterly vanished from sight, as they underlie our street patterns and road names, many such landmarks, in a sense are present still.  Research into this slection of lost landmarks has provided new insights into the roots, especially the rural ones, from which Smethwick grew.

Mary Bodfish

A life-long Smethwick resident and involved since her teens in family history reserach, the author joined Smethwick Local History Society on its foundation in 1984, and has acted for many years as society chairman.  She has been a member of the board of Smethwick Heritage Centre since its foundation.  Her particular research interest is the pre-industrial history of Smethwick and she gives many talk on topics of family, local and national history.