Every year at Warley Woods we have a Volunteer Thank you Night.  It's a low key affair - just a chance for us to say thank you and volunteers to meet up - some wine and some nibbles.  One of the important parts of the evening though are where we present special awards.  Both are awards that are given in memory of exceptional Trustees and are given to the volunteers who in that year have particularly continued their legacy.

The Dick Marsh Award is given to a volunteer or volunteers who have encouraged others to get involved. On 8th September 2023 the award was given to three volunteers.  Di Douglas, Keith Cotter and David Read. 

The John McBride Award is given to a volunteer or volunteers who have spread the word about Warley Woods to the wider world.  On 8th September 2023 this award was presented to Peter Smith.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers at Warley Woods - you make a real difference.  You often do things that wouldn't get done if you hadn't done it and you make your community a better place for your neighbours.  We wouldn't exist without you and Warley Woods would be a poorer space by far.

Previous Award Winners

John McBride Award

2022 Sheila Williams, Arthur Ward, Chris Ashford

2021 Kate Slade and Julie Walters

Dick Marsh Award

2022 Caroline Jariwala

2021 Matt Miller and Martyn Taylor

2019 John McBride

2018 Nigel Lloyd and Winston Walker

2017 Andrew Bull and John Reeves

2016 Chris Ashford

2015 Mick Guy

2014 Steve Eling and Barbara Platts

2013 Norma Woods, Liz Coleman, and Pat Marsh

2012 Steve Atkinson

2011 Kate Slade and Arthur Ward

If you would like to find out more about volunteering you can read about that here