Learn about our trees whilst having fun!

Treetop Trumps is a virtual collectable card game where you learn about our trees whilst having fun! How many Snaps can you find whilst comparing the treetop facts? Which tree grows the tallest? Can you form any Happy Families? Find out the answer to these questions and more by playing!

How to take part?

All you need is a smartphone and a mobile data connection! Take a walk of discovery around Warley Woods and look for the QR code posters located on some of our iconic trees!

  1. Find a tree with a QR code poster on it, can you name the tree? Go on take a guess!
  2. Scan the Q.R. code to download that trees Treetop Trump Card (PDF)
  3. Read about the tree, find out its Name, Family, Max Height etc. 
  4. Chose a Treetop fact to compete against the next tree (maybe tree height!?) 
  5. Find another tree? how do you think this one will compare? Will you get any Snaps on the facts? Is it a Happy Family?
  6. Don't forget to log the cards you have collected as Small Acts! 

Maybe you can find even more ways to play? can you find and collect all 12 cards? 

Playing this game counts as a Wild Warley Small Act. We are hoping that Small Acts can prove that like the humble bumblebee many hands can make light work, if all of us do 'Small Acts' to improve our environment here at Warley Woods it will add up to a real difference. register your Small Acts HERE!