Updated: 24/7/20

Things are changing again at Warley Woods.   We are very pleased that most of our staff have returned to work from furlough and we will all be happy to see our visitors again (even if from a distance).

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Trust physically or financially during this incredibly uncertain times.  We are so very very grateful.  Here is a guide to our "newest normal".  

On Thursday 21st May the golf course reopened, so did the car park at Lightwoods Hill and from 6th July the café and public toilets will reopen and play areas and outdoor gym equipment will be accessible.  We may close again without warning if rules change again.

In order to be able to offer golf we have to follow guidance so people can Play Safe: Stay Safe.  This includes things like prebooking being absolutely essential.  You must read this page if you want to play golf at Warley Woods.  

The Pavilion

The Pavilion reopened almost completely on 6th July.  The toilets are open to the public, but please bear in mind they are accessed down a narrow corridor and you will have to take care to social distance within the space.  The cafe at Warley Woods is closed while we are in tier three.

Locker rooms are available just to pick up and return items.  Our meeting room is available for bookings for activities which are allowed under current rules.   While our picnic benches will be available again, the benches directly in front of the building cannot be used.

The shop remains open as before, but still with one person in the shop at any time.  There will be no public access between the shop and the café seating space.  The shop door will be used for the shop and the lobby door for the café.  As of 24th July it is law that you should wear a mask in our shop.

The Trust Office is open at times but cannot be guaranteed as staff who can work at home will continue to do so.  Shop staff can help with most things but for office staff please use email to contact us.  [email protected]

At many times we will only have one member of staff in the building and so we are not able to leave the building to deal with issues on site.  We are not legally able to enforce any government rules or guidance.

Outdoor equipment

It is now possible for us to allow people to use the play area and outdoor gym equipment.   However everyone should be aware that there is no sanitising regime for equipment and so people using the equipment do so at their own risk and are advised to take their own hand sanitiser with them and not to touch their face while playing or exercising.  Social distancing guidance still applies.  Families can use the picnic benches, but rules about limiting groups to 6 people socialising outdoors also applies here.  

Volunteer groups

We are pleased that volunteer maintenance sessions can now take place, but you do need to book into a group to be able to attend so that we can keep group sizes small.  Email [email protected] to do this.  Thank you for your help

Some general information

People who have not paid to play golf should not be on the golf course.  This has been absolutely fine for everyone to use the extra space while we were closed.   It is a criminal offence to be on the course, if you have not paid to play and it is not safe for anyone to be there.

Current guidelines say that only 6 people from different households can meet outdoors.  While larger groups may be allowed this is either self organised activities which involve just two households or events activities formally organised by businesses or charities using their own risk assessments.  Being outdoors still has rules - it can't just be used as an alternative to an indoor community space, even with social distancing.

A reminder that BBQs are not allowed in Warley Woods.

While many rules have changed, social distancing is still required.  There are many narrow paths in Warley Woods.  Please do not use paths if you do not think you can walk down them and not keep your distance.  DEFRA's current guidance is that dogs should be kept on a lead when around other people to ensure that social distancing can be maintained.

Thank you for being a fabulous caring community helping us take care of our special place.  I know you will work with us to help keep Warley Woods a safe and relaxing place to visit.

If you cannot visit Warley Woods, then do join our facebook group "Warley Woods Community Trust"  - people are posting pictures and stories daily and it helps keep your spirit up to have a virtual visit to the Woods.  

Take care and stay safe.  

Trust Manager

We hope you continue to enjoy Warley Woods during these difficult times and it remains a haven for all.   If you enjoy your visits, please consider joining the Trust or making a single donation. Our income is going to significantly reduced by the ongoing situation and we would love to come through this period in a good place to continue our work caring for Warley Woods. Every donation really will enable us to keep your Woods in the style to which everyone has become accustomed!

Thank you for your understanding and support.

The staff and Trustees of Warley Woods Community Trust

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